Back For More...This Works "Deep Sleep" Range


Back in June, a month after my birthday, I wrote about the Deep Sleep range from This Works (read all about the various dreamy ingredients and their effects here), and to say I was impressed is a serious understatement. 

Almost six months down the line, and my beloved Deep Sleep Dream Cream is on it's last legs. I do use it every single night without fail, and sometimes have a cheeky top up because it is just so lovely! I suppose this day was always going to come, but ever since my mum bought me both the Pillow Spray and the Dream Cream, she and I have noticed a real difference in the way I approach sleep, insofar as making a routine and sticking to it; so when I told her I was running low, she made a cheeky trip to Space NK, and picked me up a new bottle of the Dream Cream AND the This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak as I have a really bad back. This Works boast the salts as "an award-winning fragrance that contains soothing Lavender and Vetivert salts to help you get a good nights sleep"- so I'm really looking forward to having a good soak at the end of a long day. Some may argue that it is purely psychological, and this is just another gimmick, but as a chronic insomniac, I can safely say that the unique blend of ingredients certainly has a lot to do with my attitude to sleep and how I relax.

With regard to sleep, it is important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for some may not work for others. My only advice would be to try and stick to a routine and switch off any technology at least an hour before you snuggle down. 

I am yet to try the bath soak, but if it's counterparts are anything to go by, then I know I will fall in love all over again -of course I will keep you guys updated with that one!