Squeaky Clean

 I can honestly say that I am awful at remembering to clean my brushes, to the point where if I told you how long I have left it in the past, you would probably be pretty grossed out. Anyway, enough of that! I've developed a little routine that really works for me and I thought that I would share that today with you guys. Do let me know what you think in the comments section below or pop me a little tweet at @PhoebeeVictoria

I rely on the Real Techniques Core Collection daily to apply my slap, after picking it up in a cheeky Boots 3 for 2 last year. I mentioned in a post recently (take a peek hereone of the many uses of the Buffing brush, but it's also a great little option for foundation and concealer too. I also heavily rely on the Contour brush for all my blushing needs and the Detailing brush for a daytime smokey look. After a week of various make up looks, my brushes are looking pretty grubby and bacteria-ridden - if you don't clean your brushes regularly, you are essentially just spreading bacteria across your face - grim! For a fuss-free, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin product, I have been turning to the Boots Baby Shampoo. It's £1 for 500ml and smells divine - my parents keep laughing when I say it takes me back to my youth! I fill up a basin with the hottest water I can bear and give all my brushes a good dunk, next I pick up each brush and individually lather it up with shampoo. After you think you have gotten all the product out, give it a little rinse in the hot water, and then rinse it under a hot tap. If the water is running clear, then you're all done, but if not give it another go. When the water is running clear, your brushes will be nice and clean, and smelling great. I tend to pop them on a flannel on a flat surface and leave to dry, you're left with clean, hygienic brushes with silky soft bristles - all for £1

What do you guys use to clean your brushes?

Phoebe x