Sleeping Easy: Ft This Works

                                                             Deep Sleep Dream Cream  &  Deep Sleep Pillow Spray  

                                                            Deep Sleep Dream Cream & Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 

Big slap on the wrist for me for not posting this sooner, trying to juggle this and a full time English degree certainly makes blogging regularly a tough one. 

I have always been an awful sleeper from the day I was born. My parents tried everything, from dummies to bedtime stories, the wormy song and so much more - but to no avail. Being a student with deadlines looming from every angle often means I can't catch as many zzz's as I would like to and probably need. I do think that a really important thing to bear in mind with sleep, is that what works for one person may not work for another, age and lifestyle also have to be taken into account. However, that being said, I think that getting into a good routine at bedtime makes all the difference. I like to read my Bloglovin feed last thing before bed on my Samsung Galaxy because it just happens to be the best time for me to enjoy and catch up with my favourite blogs, but I also really like to snuggle down with a good book for at least half an hour. I'm currently reading "Tell The Wolves I'm Home" (which you can buy here), which is fantastic and I truly do recommend picking it up, (I'll be posting a review once I've finished it). However, reading a book rather than engaging with an hour long session of Candy Crush really does help your brain "switch off" and get ready for sleep. Routine is also what brings me to these two products from the sleep range from This Works.

I had my nineteenth birthday two weeks ago and the lovely Mamma Tee went on several secret missions to Space NK, buying some amazing products that I am beyond thrilled with (more on that later), but its these two products from their Sleep range that I am really keen to share with you guys. My mum did her own rigorous research on these two as they do cost a pretty penny, and even the title "This Works" promises pretty amazing results; the ladies over at Space NK in Chichester said that all they could say about these two is that people come back to repurchase them time and time again. After spying them in the store for months my mum took note of this, took the plunge and wrapped them up for my birthday, and I can honestly say I'm so pleased she did

The Pillow Spray is infused with essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile which work together in tandem to soothe your body and mind before bed. The scent is so relaxing, and for a chronic insomniac like myself to say that it's working wonders is a very rare occurrence! It's a lovely little option and next time you're in Space NK I highly recommend sampling it for yourself because this and the next product have really changed how I think and feel about sleep. Next up we have the Dream Cream which is an expert recipe of provencal lavender to calm, vetivert the oil of tranquillity to relieve tension and stress and wild camomile, a relaxing scent that deeply soothes.  The crambe oil absorbs instantly into the skin and makes dry or damaged skin hydrated. The nourishing oil camelina is rich in omega 3 which improves the elasticity of the skin, all of this moisture is then sealed in with gold of pleasure oils, larch extract and jojoba wax so your skin doesn't feel greasy or claggy. It says you can apply it anywhere on the skin but I tend to use it on my hands, really working it in so that it penetrates quickly, I often top it up when I'm reading because it just smells heavenly. I love using the Dream Cream because it is such a luxurious product in the way it makes your skin feel and it really does relax me with its fusion of ingredients. 

These are two products that when used together, are a miracle solution to a good night's sleep and now that I have tried them for myself, I know that they are a dream team that I won't be parted with. 

Phoebe x