Halo Braids

Quality might be slightly off as I took these on my phone! 

I absolutely love my waist-length hair, but having such thick and long locks often means styling it can be a bit of a mare - don't get me wrong, I know I'm very lucky to have so much hair, but I feel like its time to branch out and try something new. I have to say cutting it all off has crossed my mind on several occassions but as it took so long to grow it to where it is now, I just know I will wimp out! Because there is such a lot of it, it often just ends up going in a messy (and I mean messy) bun or a high ponytail (which, lets face it, does get a bit boring), but lately I have been favouring halo braids over my usual up-do's. After seeing Suzie's video, I decided to follow her tutorial and gave it a go. I have to say, in my first attempt, I was totally not prepared for the amount of bobby pins I would need, but now I have got the hang of it I can see myself wearing this style a lot over the summer.

Once my tripod has arrived and the niggly bits of my channel are sorted, I will be doing a youtube tutorial of this once I have found my feet with it all, so stay tuned for that! Do you guys like halo braids?

I would love to know your braiding creations and tips in the comments section down below! :)

Phoebe x