Let's Talk About Eyebrows...



My eyebrows and I have a love/hate relationship. It all started when I started working at a local hairdresser and a beautician offered to thread mine during our lunch break. I remember at the time wondering what the hell threading even was and do people really pay that much attention to my brows? It would seem so. After a meeting with a magnifier mirror, I knew something had to be done. Once she had finished, I could see that my threaded and tinted brows really shaped and defined my face and from that point on, I haven't really stopped messing around with them.

In the days where I sported a full fringe, I didn't bother with them at all but as it started to grow out I dabbled (very unsuccessfully) with tweezers and brow pencils but nothing really compared to the perfect brows I once had. I tried a couple of other places for threading and tinting and it is safe to say that they were butchered a good few times. I went back to having them threaded and tinted but in the long run, it was just an inconvenience so I left them to their own devices. 

It was only when I started blogging that I really started to experiment. I had a little go with pencils but I hated how waxy and drawn on they looked, so one day after uni I popped into Benefit and they showed me the ropes with their Gimme Brow and ten minutes later I had popped the diddy box into my handbag, sporting my new eyebrows.

Gimme Brow claims to be a 'brow-volumising fibre gel' with a whole bunch of other clever features such as being water-resistant, long-wearing and buildable, all with a natural looking result. I can honestly testify to all of the above, and as the wand is so tiny, application is quick and easy - what more could you want for your brows?! 

Another great little product that has been making waves in the blogsphere is Soap & Glory's Archery pencil (which is said to be a fantastic dupe fort the Anastazia Brow Wiz) and I have to admit I have jumped straight on the bandwagon. On one end you have a really cute little spooly and on the other, possibly the finest pencil I have ever seen, I chose the shade Hot Chocolate, because I have quite dark hair naturally; I love how cool and ashy toned this is, especially as most of the highstreet alternatives  are wahay too reddy toned for me. I tend to kick the whole process off by combing through my brows with the spooly in an upward angle, to achieve a really natural look, then I go in with a very light hand and pencil in any sparse patches, particularly concentrating on emphasising the arch. Then I just brush through with the Gimme Brow to add a  hint of tint and to keep those pesky hairs in place and voila - perfect brows in a matter of minutes.

Have you guys tried Gimme Brow or the Archery pencil? Thank you for reading and I would love to know your thoughts down below! :) 

Phoebe x