Quick & Easy 7 Minute Crostini


As the nights grow longer and the weather gets colder, I'm all about home cooked comfort food and this easy peasy Crostini is no exception. My lovely mum made this for me the other day as something a bit different, so; grab a few slices of crusty bread, a couple of eggs and lots of parmesan. 

You will need:

loaf of thick, crusty bread

2 Eggs

Tablespoon of parmesan

Salt & Pepper

Step one

Heat a suitable frying pan, completely and utterly free of any oil until extremely hot. Whilst the pan is heating, beat two eggs in a mixing bowl and stir in the parmesan and salt & pepper. 

Step two

 Slice the bread into approximately 1 inch slices and coat them well with the mixture. 

Step three

Dry fry over a high heat for about two minutes and flip the bread over once.

Aaaand voila!, a tasty snack that is ready in seconds!

I really hope you enjoyed reading something a little different from me and I would love to know your thoughts down below :) I would also love to know your favourite snacks and if you have tried making this tasty snack yourself! 

Phoebe x