Terrybly - 301 Pink Party

I am a huge lipstick fanatic and although my collection may seem tiny in comparison to the "bigger bloggers" out there, I was super excited when this birthday gift was added to my hoard. 

Other than the Baume de Rose, I haven't really tried anything from Terry, but my Mum is a huge fan of their lipsticks, so it isn't difficult to figure out why she picked out this shade for me. Aside from the cringey name (Terrybly?!), everything about this lipstick is perfect. The colour, the opacity, the application, the lasting power - just everything. Pink Party applies like a dream, it feels really comfortable on the lips and is the perfect combination of big colours and active ingredients (which stop your lips from drying out). I love the delicate, vanilla toned scent of this and because of the active ingredients, the lipstick actually repairs the lips whilst you're wearing it. I really can't fault Terry on this one, the packaging is beautiful, and I feel like I can make a few different looks by playing around with this. Even though the colour is quite bright, it's definitely a shade you guys will see me sporting all year round because it is just beautiful. I think its safe to say I'm in love...

Thank you for reading and I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section down below! :) 

Phoebe x

Phoebe Victoria Tee4 Comments