Getting Organised

I feel like this post is a bit ironic, considering it was meant to go up yesterday...oops. sometimes life just gets in tbe way and that is something I definitely reflected on thinking back to 2014, and it reminded me how much I love my little corner of the internet and how exciting it is to watch my blog grow and develop; which leads me to today's post - getting organised.

Juggling an English degree and producing content on PhoebeTea that I can be proud of is something I really struggled with in my first year at uni, but I'm well aware that so many other people manage it and manage it so well (Natalie from Thunderl0ve I'm looking at you!) that I thought I could give it my best shot too. I am by no means a naturally organised person, and this paired with being pretty absent minded meant my blog was neglected and I lost the drive I once had. I know how cliche this sounds, but when the new year rolled around, I knew I had to get my shit together and plan plan plan. So, I picked up a really cute little diary from paperchase before Christmas and ordered a set of notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. and got to work. I figured that posting content on non-uni days made the most sense and then a sneaky Saturday morning one thrown in for good measure. As soon as I think of an idea, I jot down a proposed title in my diary on one of those free days and later write up a rough copy in my notebook so that I can get the ball rolling. After that, I take my photos (often in bulk) and schedule it on either a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday so people know when to check in with me. So far I have posts in the pipeline until the beginning of February, so, watch this space! 

How do you stay organised and keep your blog running smoothly?