This post is dedicated to Mamma Tee for teaching me the practice of mindfulness and reminding me to always always use it (love you mum!)

a post written by Natalie inspired me to my mum's wise words into a blog post and I decided to follow in her footsteps and decided to pick a word to bear in mind throughout the year ahead, and although I am late to the party (being nearly the end of February and all that...) but I loved the concept and I knew it was something I wanted to give it a go myself, but with my own word in mind. 

If like me, you are one of life's worriers, someone who lets their thoughts run away with them to the far flung corners of the future and find you can't concentrate on things because you are so stressed out about what could happen, than you might want to try a form of meditation called mindfulness

Mindfulness for most people, is simply taking as little as 5 minutes out of a busy day for a moment for calm and perspective. As far as I know it isn't linked to any particular religion, its more the act of training your brain each and every day to slow down and take a breather. I can vouch for how much happier and calmer I have felt once I have taken those tiny 5 minutes out of my day, but there are also studies that show its not only a great stress busting tool but it can also lead to things such as the easing of depression to having a better memory.

I like to think of it as a detox for the brain because for me, it puts everything in perspective and restores my brain to a renewed sense of calm. It stops me thinking and worrying about the future and reminds me to keep everything in the moment. If just a few minutes a day could make you a happier and all round calmer person, then that’s well worth trying in my eyes .

Have you tried using mindfulness in your life? 

(if not give it a go!)


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