My Latest MAC Lipstick Purchase - Plumful

A few weeks ago a really close friend of mine came down from Chichester to spend the weekend with me and having found out she had never set foot in a MAC store, I knew that had to change pronto. We headed off on the train from Winchester to Southampton on an incredibly busy Saturday and spent aaaaaaaaages at the lipstick counter, in the end she was more decisive than me but after my hand had become a rainbow of pinks, reds and nudes I finally settled on Plumful - a really beautiful in between of pink, and inevitably plummy, tones

.I would almost describe it as an antique, deep rose but I know it is a colour that is well loved in the blogsphere but tends to sit differently on different people, which was definitely part of the appeal for me.

 It was the first Lustre finish I tried and I have to say I think it is my favourite, it feels incredibly comfortable on the lips and lasts longer than your average lipstick, even through sandwiches and coffee, this little guy does not budge for a good four hours. I held of writing this review for a couple of weeks because I wanted to really road test it but now I have, I'm totally and utterly smitten.