Lunch at Bill's

Last week marked my first ever trip to Bills on a recent jaunt round Chichester with my mum. It was absolutely boiling on Thursday and were both so hungry but didn't fancy any of our usual eateries - and along came Bills. 

The restaurant itself was beautifully decorated, an eclectic mix of american diner meets shabby chic and I absolutely loved it! All of the staff were so smiley and welcoming that we are already mentally planning our next visit.

 Suffice to say healthy eating went totally out the window that day as we both opted for the hummus & halloumi burger and a glass of fizz celebrate the end of a testing term for us both. The burger was mind-blowingly good, without a doubt one of the best I have ever had (and I know my burgers!). The combination of the grilled salty halloumi and creamy hummus on  a bed of roasted peppers, sweet chilli sauce and yogurt, served with skin on fries was so unbelievably tasty that I am genuinely already prepping my tummy for round two! The champagne was also lovely and the little strawberry perched on our glasses definitely did not go unnoticed either. Bill's has an absolutely amazing menu, from breakfast right through till dinner there is something for everyone and at very student friendly prices considering the superb quality; it's definitely somewhere to check out if you have not done so already.

As breakfast runs all the way till noon, I think that will be next on the agenda - I mean who could resist blueberry and buttermilk pancakes with streaky bacon?! Not me thats for sure!