Drugstore Haul

So I have been making a few trips to Boots recently and purchases were made...in fairness this is a haul that has taken place over a few weeks! Anyway enough beauty buying guilt and on with the products! 

Working clockwise we have the Maybelline the Nudes Palette. I picked this one up on an absolute whim and I am so glad that I did because the shade range is just so perfect for autumn. With a mix of 12 mattes and shimmers there is bound to be a look for everyone Maybelline have also come up with a great little concept for those that are new to eyeshadow by putting the colours into quads to create the perfect look, however you do not need to need to use the eyeshadows in the quad formats but I just thought it was a really well thought out concept, especially as it is from the drugstore.The shadows themselves are 100% my cup of tea and I have been mixing and matching them really frequently on weekends or just as a one wash wonder of colour on an early uni morning. In fact, I think I have been reaching for it over my beloved Naked 1 palette - which, we all know screams autumn! The pigmentation of every shade is really impressive, particularly with the shimmers, and those are the ones that I have been reaching for the most now that autumn is around the corner. So, if you are looking for the perfect bronzey-nude-autumnal palette on a budget than I highly recommend popping it in your basket for a steal at £10. 

Next up we have another product from Maybelline and it is their Forever Super Stay nail polish in the shade Uptown Blue. The truth of the matter is I do not need any more nail polishes, hell, they have a whole drawer to reside in, but that is beyond the point when you are a blogger, I like to justify my purchases as research purposes, but really I just fell in love with this shade. All my other blues are more pastel or royal toned so to have a fresh, sky blue in my collection is something fresher and a little different to the darker polishes I tend to lean towards. I really love the big fat brush it comes with, it makes application an absolute dream and as they are pretty pigmented you can get away with doing just the one coat (although I always opt for two out of habit!), as for their "super stay" claims, I have to say that they are bang on the money with that one, THIS STUFF DID NOT BUDGE OR CHIP FOR OVER A WEEK. Now, if that is not an incentive for you guys to try them out, i don't know what will.

I also picked up two micellar waters in Superdrug a few weeks back because my beloved Garnier one had run out and I wanted to see other options from the highstreet that would perhaps be less harsh and stripping for my dry and sensitive skin. I have held off reviewing them until I am certain how I feel about them so expect a review of four tried and tested micellar waters in the next week or so!

After a recent video from Alix at icovetthee, I knew I had to try the new Bourjois Colour Band eyeshadow sticks, unfortunately this photo does not do them much justice so I would recommend swatching them in-store before you make a purchase. I think these are a relatively new release from Bourjois and they are just beautiful. I have the shades Mauve Baroque (lilac, taupe), Rose Fauvist (rose, baby pink) and Brun Dadaiste (coffee brown). These eyeshadow sticks are so unbelievably creamy and blendable so they are easy peasy to work with, I must say though, they do set pretty quickly so if you want to blend them have the brush to hand but as I mostly use them as an eyeshadow base it has never been a problem for me. 

This next photo of the L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper is pretty crap, the light was definitely not my friend that day, but the concept is simple. Mascara...FOR YOUR BROWS! I know pretty wild right? Well Benefit were already ahead of the game with this one with their Gimme Brow but this is it's drugstore dupe or budget brother. The teeny tiny wand is loaded with fibres that work to beef up your brows and make you look more Delavigne than bush baby. As far as I am aware there are two shades (I opted for the lighter), so if you love Gimme Brow but don't love the price tag, this is definitely one to try. 

really hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post and I would love to know what you guys have been loving from the drugstore recently in the comments section down below!

Phoebe x