The Versions of Us - Book Review

You know how people always say don't judge a book by it's cover? Well with this one I kinda did...I mean look at it! I was wandering around Waterstones and came across the "new in" section; I love hardback books, there is just something about them that makes them feel that bit more special, something you can almost treasure. 

But, what if I hadn't bothered to go into Waterstones that day? What if I hadn't stumbled across the "new in" section and found this wonderful book? Those what ifs are the whole premise of this beautiful book, both miniscule and poignant. Laura Barnett explores fate in a truly magical way that makes you wonder all of the implications of those what ifs from the people we meet, to the careers we lead and to the families we may or may not start. 

This heartwarming tale tells three different versions of Cambridge students Jim and Eva, from the moment they meet to the very end based on decisions they could have made. The novel is told in three versions throughout (which ordinarily I am not a fan of at all but I actually really enjoyed the format of this as it was so uncomplicated, there was no rifling back to figure out whose version you are reading), and you are led smoothly through the various outcomes of Jim and Eva's lives as the story goes on. I found this such an engaging, mesmerising and simply wonderful tale of fate, love and loss. I would say I read it in about two days and that is including books I have to read for uni, I simply could not put it down and as soon as I finished it all I wanted to do was recommend it to everyone I know and start it all over again. 

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett is available here and I simply could not recommend it more.