Using All of Those Beautiful Notebooks Productively

My love for stationery goes a little further than most, in fact, it always has. When I was younger the thing I was most excited about was September rolling around and buying a pencil case, gel pens and just generally the whole of W.H Smith; but something I'm very aware of now that I am older (and still hoarding stationary) is actually putting all those pretty notepads, pens and organisers to good use. 

Nobody wants to waste their money, in fact nobody really wants to waste anything if you sit down and think about it. As I sit here and write this post there are four beautiful notebooks by my bed and possibly the most organised organizer ever (if you want to check it out you can do so here), yet the majority of those items are blank. I like to think I try and make sure everything I have bought or have been gifted is used and as stationary is kinda my jam I wanted to share with you a few ideas on how to make the most of all of those lovely notebooks, organisers, diaries and planners. 


Before you buy that lovely Rifle Paper Co. notebook that has caught your eye, think to yourself what am I going to use this for? Do I need it? Could I use a different notebook that I haven't written in and save my pennies? A lot of the notebooks photographed for this post have been lying on my desk for months untouched and as a student I don't have money to fritter away so before you hand your debit card over think to yourself what purpose will this serve? By doing this you will not only save money but you will appreciate your current collection a lot more. 


Whether that be through coloured biros, washi tape, sticky notes - it makes the notebook in question personal. Not only that but all of the above are a great way of keeping yourself organised. I am very much a person that thrives with visual aids so all of those things really help remind me what I am doing, where I need to be, when etc etc. 


A lot of people find that they are unable to work if their workspace is a complete mess and I can relate to that. Don't get me wrong my bedroom can get messy at times and my desk is a bit too cluttered for my liking but by getting rid of scraps of paper, old shopping lists and putting things back where they belong - you will notice a huge increase in your productivity levels. I always have to clean, polish and clear my desk before I even attempt to do any university work. 

Are you a stationary hoarder? If so what are your tips for making sure they are put to good use?