Switching Off

In a world fuelled by technology it is difficult to know when to switch off, especially at night time. This is one of my really bad habits, if I am not scrolling through Instagram or Bloglovin than I will be watching Youtube or Netflix. But recently I have gotten into a little routine that I think has notably improved my sleep.  


A couple of hours before bed, usually around 8:00pm, I will light my favourite candle (right now it is the White Lavender offering from the White Company FYI) and let it fill my room with a relaxing scent. Obviously be careful where you light it and check on it every now and then but there is nothing more lovely than walking into your room to a soothing scent. 


My first word when I was a baby was "MOOK", apparently I used to bang the kitchen cupboards and yell MOOK at the top of my little lungs until one of my parents prepared a bottle. In the past few months I have been making my Mum and I a hot mug of milk to take to bed and it is honestly one of the most relaxing, comforting and soothing things you can do to get ready for bed. Plus there is no sugar or caffeine to keep you awake - bonus! 


There is nothing quite like getting into bed with a good book and this is a ritual I have carried out as far back as I can remember. And I mean books, like actual books with no backlight to trick your brain into thinking it's morning. Reading also makes your eyes feel heavy, encouraging sleep to whisk you away. 


There are so many great hypno apps out there now to help you to drift off. My favourites are Digipill, Breathe, Calm and Headspace (all downloadable via itunes), there is something about that soft Scottish lilt that helps me drift off. Others to try are the ones where you put your phone under your pillow and it registers your movements and stuff to give you statistics of how long you have slept and the quality of your sleep such as Sleep Cycle. 


There is nothing like crawling into a freshly laundered and made bed after a long day, putting your head down and the pillow being cold beneath your weary head. I also think nightwear is important too, me? The baggier the better!