White Hyacinth Candle - The White Company


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a massive candle lover, and recently I have discovered this little beauty from The White Company.  

Packaged beautifully (as per) the candle is wrapped in a really beautiful, textured paper bag the candle itself comes in a thick and chunky pot (perfect for storing brushes in once it's all burnt down. This candle just screams Spring to me. It has notes of jasmine and (one of my absolute favourite notes of all time) rose which makes it "softened with an earthy touch of green stem and warming woody undertones". If you like your candles to really fill the room with fragrance than this gorgeous floral scent may well be a welcome addition to your home. According to their website the scent inspired by new beginnings, which I think is a really lovely sentiment. Pick up this beautiful candle here and I am sure it will soon become a favourite.

What is your favourite candle at the moment? 

P x