Falling Back in Love with Blogging Again

For a very long time I didn't go near my blog.I questioned why I was even doing it in the first place, I mean is anyone actually reading it? But then I read Natalie's post on comparisons and realised that is what was holding me back.

I would constantly try and make a schedule and stick to it, in the hope of keeping up with those who are lucky enough to blog as a career; I would only post certain pictures on my instagram so that it was all thematically linked and I had a notebook full of ideas that I was too downtrodden to actually post for the fear of them not being "good enough". 

But then I realised the only person it needs to be good enough for, is me. I love writing on this space, taking photos and sharing a part of myself with like minded souls. Even though I was flooded with ideas for blog posts but ultimately talking myself out of it altogether. When you spend a long time scrolling through bloglovin and other people's instagram's it can have a real knock on effect on your confidence and self esteem as well as the quality of my own posts. . Assuming people have the perfect life based only on their instagram or blog is a self-deprecating habit that I am sure a lot of use need to curb. 

I have made a promise to myself to create content as consistently and regularly again and remind myself that this blog is for me and not let other bloggers try and shape and change me as a creative.

Phoebe Victoria Tee