Why Having A Blog Can Be The Cheapest Form Of Therapy


Like everyone, I have had a fair few hurdles thrown at me over the years and really, what helped me the most, was to write it all down. 

I don't know about you, but I find the idea of sitting down with a therapist or counsellor incredibly intimidating. That is not to say that the person themselves has ever made me feel that way, or i have heard a horror story or two, it's just something I have created  in my head that has always put me off the idea. That, paired with ever-lengthening NHS waiting times and the already sky-high costs of going privately; it has just never felt like an avenue I thought was right for me or particularly accessible either. 

And then in came blogging.

Crazy to think that I have had this little online space for four years now, (but that is a post for another day) and never really spoken about how much it has helped me out over the years. When I first started out at the tender age of eighteen, I had absolutely no idea how blogging and youtube would erupt and become an actual real job. But then, I suppose no one did, even the biggest names in the industry. For me, it was an escape from uni stresses, family stuff and friend dramas. It was a place where I could candidly babble on about my new favourite nail polish shade, my first trip to Cornwall or that new pair of boots I snagged in the sale with like-minded souls. I have always been a massive advocate for writing as it has always been the only career path I saw myself going down one day, but, also because it is incredibly therapeutic to just get it all down on paper (or you know, the notes section of your phone). With more and more people opening up about their mental health on their blogs, I feel as though blogging has become the cheapest, most accessible and often most inclusive community out there if you're struggling. Of course there is the flip side to blogging, how particularly the fashion and beauty world is dominated by mass consumerism, "hauls" and often seemingly unattainable lifestyles. But, for the most part, I have always found it a kind, welcoming community of people who want to support you and your little corner of the internet.

Now that I am finding my feet with it all again after such a long break, I know that for me this space is going to become almost an online diary as well as somewhere that I share sometimes the most inane of things, but I hope you stay along for the ride.

For now,

P x