Recent Retail Therapy


I'm not really one to do hauls of any nature, I find that it is so easy to just buy unnecessary things that either go untouched or given to a friend - either way money is wasted. So here we have a collection of makeup bits I have picked up, probably from the last three months. There is a mixture of high street and high end, something for every budget and I'm really excited to share this post as it is one I really enjoyed writing. Shall we...?


This has hands down been one of the most hyped up drug-store mascaras in a long time. I have seen it popping up on T.V, Facebook and instagram and call me a sucker for consumerism but I caved and gave it a go. In my defence (not that I need to defend my purchases), my current mascara was on it's last legs. First off, I really love the packaging, it feels a lot more luxe than a lot of drugstore mascaras and the millennial pink and copper colour scheme is pretty dreamy. In terms of the mascara itself, its okay, not the best drugstore mascara but by no-means the worst. If you like a crap-tonne of volume and spidery looking lashes then you will love this. I do like the way my lashes look when I have it on because its very dramatic but where it lets it down for me is the smudging and smearing, my goodness its a pain! Every time I wear it someone points out that I either have it all over my brow bone or smeared all under my eyes, so I basically look like a racoon. The wand reminds me of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which I did like, so if you're a fan but find it a bit too pricey or tricky to get hold of then this is your guy, just be warned on the smudge front. If it was waterproof then I think I would have fallen head over heels, fingers crossed they bring that out ASAP.


I am so picky when it comes to concealers, I know what I like and what works for me and when I find something I love, I stay faithful. The concealer that I have been wearing since last summer (yep, last summer!) is the Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer. At £5.99 it does everything I want and need in a concealer, it covers and brightens and is virtually undetectable on the skin so your true self shines through and you don't look or feel as though you are wearing a mask. My one pet peeve is the packaging, it sucks. I really want to know who thought it was a good idea because it just isn't. It's messy and you seldom get all the product out unless you cut it open but then the rest inevitably dries up - maddening! I know you can get those things that squeeze every last bit of product out but I just don't think you should spend more money just to get the most bang for your buck. Packaging aside, it is an absolutely ace concealer at an absolute steal. However, I have been getting some intense dark circles lately. They honestly are so dark I look like I have two black eyes! I suppose I haven't been sleeping well or very much recently paired with those pesky genetics (apparently it's on the father's side so cheers dad!), I have needed something a little more heavy duty. This corrector is dreamy. It has the loveliest consistency, really creamy and easy to blend, I will say that it needs setting otherwise it will crease but I tend to do that as standard anyway. What makes this product so great for dark circles is the salmon colour, it really helps to just brighten them up and fool others into thinking you got your 8 hours. 


I put off buying a full brush set for the longest time and it was so worth the wait. I don't know why I thought that they would be a waste of money and that I wouldn't use every brush - I was so incredibly wrong! For me, Zoeva was always the obvious choice. I have a couple of their blending brushes for eyeshadow and they are such brilliant quality paired with a very affordable price tag. I have had them for a few years and they haven't shed once and wash really well too. As for deciding which set to go for, I did feel spoilt for choice but I knew which brushes were missing from my collection and the Bamboo Volume 2 filled all the gaps. I won't go into every brush (I can pop that in another post if you're interested though?) but the stand out ones for me are the 103 Defined Buffer, 105 Highlight and 109 Face Paint. I would 100% say that they are worth the investment if you wear make up regularly, want to sharpen up on your skills or just really enjoy the process. The sets also come with the cutest little clutch bag to travel with and mine came with a little pot too - so sweet!


I picked this up on a total whim one day perusing the aisles of Boots (dangerous) and I am so happy I did. It is a really beautiful gold, champagne hue that gives the most gorgeous soft and illuminating glow on the skin. It is really easy to blend out with either your fingers or that 105 highlight brush for a really diffused highlight. Myself and others have compared it to the liquid and poured version of the infamous Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Champagne Pop but with a drugstore price tag.  Revlon also do a pretty icy pearl toned number that is on my radar as I think it would pair really nicely with my Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Incandescent Light in the colder months when my skin returns back to it's Casper the friendly ghost hue.

And there we have it, everything I have purchased over the past few months. Have you tried any of these products or would you like to? I would love to know your thoughts down below! For now, P x