Is Blogging A Bubble?


This is a post that has been in the pipe-line for a little while now, and it stemmed from a conversation I had with one of my oldest and dearest friends. I have by no means made this online space the best that it can be yet but I am so excited fro whats to come, that being said I feel as though the world of online content creation is still so misunderstood. 


The friend in question couldn't believe that people could earn a living from blogging, youtube and instagram and to be honest, why would she? It is by no means a "traditional career path" and not one that I ever thought could be an option. 

With that being said, if this is your full-time job, your hobby or your side-hustle, you will no doubt be well aware of the stresses of staying relevant and making sure people not only discover you across all the social media handles but keeping those platforms up to date and growing. 

Chances are if you create online content then you are no stranger to spending the best part of half an hour nailing the perfect instagram shot, scheduling your tweets and blog posts weeks (or months if you're super organised!) in advance and spending your evenings face-tuning your magnolia walls to the perfect white hue. And that's great, its great to be part of such a creatively charged community of like-minded souls but it is so so important to step away from the internet and get a little perspective. My friends often take the piss out of me when we are out for a coffee and I'm like BAM flatly time, not letting them take a sip until I have secured the perfect shot. I really do appreciate them calling me out on it because life is so much more than the highlight reel you create and sometimes you just need to put your phone down and be present. 

I'm the first person to say how easy it is to get sucked into feeling shitty because you aren't strutting your stuff on a beach in Santorini but I have to remind myself that that's not real life. That girl in the bikini still has council tax to pay and gone off milk in the fridge. 

For me the world of blogging, Instagram etc etc is wonderful. I am so incredibly fortunate to have met some truly amazing ladies and they have become life-long friends who I absolutely treasure. And honestly, I love nothing more than typing out my thoughts and connecting with like-minded souls. But just remember for every outfit post taken against a picture-perfect pink wall, theres a mountain of laundry that needs doing, a pile of washing up sitting on the side and a loaf of bread that has seen better days.