Everything Autumn


My favourite season is finally upon us and I could not be more thrilled! Bonfire night, halloween, pumpkin everything and crunchy leaves, whats not to love? I thought I would do a little round-up of all the things I love and look forward to in these autumnal months. I love nothing more than a change in season, especially around this time of year, so, without further ado…


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been making a real effort to declutter my wardrobe because there were just so many pieces that were getting zero wear and zero love. Whilst there’s nothing heroic about having a capsule wardrobe, it’s definitely a more conscious and ethical way to shop. I don’t think it really suits me and my personality to have a set number of items in different categories but the amount of bits that are on their way to the charity has really shown me what I wear and what are the gaps in my wardrobe. My favourite places to shop for Autumn/Winter are definitely Zara, ASOS, Topshop and H&M.


With a change in season, comes a change in my beauty routine and I have definitely been favouring richer moisturisers, tissue masks and oils. My skin is drier than the sahara at the best of times but this wear-a-coat-in-the-morning-regret-it-in-the-afternoon weather has been playing havoc with my complexion. Thankfully The Ordinary’s 100% Plant-Derived Squalene is on hand to prevent on-going loss of hydration. I have done a little research and Squalene is a saturated and stable hydrocarbon found naturally in the skin and is an exceptional hydrator and at just £5.50 those of us really with dry skin can’t afford not to try it. That and the trusty Glossier Priming Moisturiser Rich have been my saviour in this transitional weather; the Glossier moisturiser is just dreamy, it feels nourishing, comforting and really really hydrating. The cream s really dense and packed with ceramides and fatty acids to protect and reinforce the skins barrier, locking in moisture. I wear it morning and evening and it makes such a lovely smooth and dewy base for make up too.

Speaking of make up, I feel like I have such a solid routine with some truly brilliant products that I look forward to wearing every day. I’m not going to go into too much depth because I want to go proper old-school (is that still a phrase or am I 105?) and do a What’s-In-My-Makeup-Bag post in the next few days. BUT, something I have been loving is the Armani Maestro Glow foundation coupled with the Bobbi Brown Corrector - it is such a dreamy and fresh combination that makes my sleep-deprived self look much more human. I would describe the foundation as a really soft satin finish, it looks natural but you do have coverage that will even out your skin and look a lot more healthy and balanced. I don’t know how I lived my life so long without this corrector but wow, its a game changer. If you have really dark, deep-set under eye circles then you need to give this a whirl. Another current favourite is the Benefit Brow Contour Pro, a product I had previously dismissed as a gimmick. A couple of weeks ago I got my brows waxed and tinted with Benefit and they used the Contour Pro on me to fill in any sparse patches (bad threading experience in January) and I love how they turned out. A product I’m still trying out but one I’ve been really enjoying nonetheless.


I have been massively slacking in the reading department as of late, I have taken on more shifts and its left me absolutely knackered in the evenings. But, with a fresh month ahead of me, I am keen to get back on track. I’m currently reading Sunburn by Laura Lippman, which tells the story of Adam and Polly. They are heading in different directions and meet as they are passing through a sleepy town. Polly stays and Adam stays and over the course of the summer they are embroiled in a steamy affair tinged with ‘dangerous, even lethal, secrets’. I am only halfway through but when I do my October books post, I will be able to give you my full opinion. So far I am enjoying it, I found it a little tricky to get into because both protagonists were so dislikable but I am glad I pressed on because now I’m hooked! On my TBR pile there is, Normal People by Sally Roony. It has been long listed for the Man Booker prize and from reading her previous book I can completely see why. Her writing is deep but effortless, melodic without the cliches - just utterly beautiful. The kind of writing I can only aspire to.

Food & Drink

Up until maybe the age of 17-18, the only things I drank were tea (obviously) and water. My parents were always very against fizzy drinks so never had them in the house, the smell of orange juice makes me want to heave and I never dabbled in the world of squash. But when I went to sixth-form and met my girls, I started going to more house parties, festivals and girls nights in and I took quite a liking to rose wine. To combat too much rose wine, I discovered coffee and my life changed. I was actually very kindly invited to the Winchester School of Coffee for a barista masterclass event reverently (which you can read about here) where I learnt all about coffee and what goes along with it. For me, autumn means getting cosy with chunky knits, candles and a cup of something warm and comforting, Ordinarily, I find lattes too sweet and sickly but I absolutely looove Starbucks’ Chai Tea Latte. It is so soothing and kind of feels like a big hug! Beats a PSL any day for me!

TV & Film

There are SO MANY good tv shows coming out in Autumn/Winter and as a bit of a hermit, its very welcome in my house. I am so thrilled that Grey’s Anatomy is back with season 15 (FIFTEEN!) and I know Rebecca is too; I love everything about it and genuinely look forward to it every week. Another Shonda Rhimes pick is How To Get Away With Murder, its an easy watch which has a great whodunit kinda vibe but I just love Viola Davies so much. It goes without saying that I am loving The Great British Bake Off (Rahul to win!) as well as Body Guard on BBC 1 which was utterly brilliant; I am now onto The Cry which is just as gripping. The Good Place is back weekly which I am super excited about, and I have just finished Ozark on Netflix which, if you watch nothing else from this post, watch that - its’ incredible.

So, thats me done; everything i love and am looking forward to this Autumn. What are your must-haves?

P x