200 Followers - Thank You!

Last night an email came whizzing through cyber space to tell me that I have reached over 200 followers on this blog! I was honestly so stunned by this news, I couldn't be happier or more driven for the future by this amazing support, and I just wanted to say thank you all for taking an interest in my little corner of the internet.

When I started out this blog as a hobby back in August, I just thought it would amount to, well no more than a hobby! Fast forward 5 months and phoebetea  has now become a major part of my life, and has certainly fuelled my love of writing even further.  I would particularly like to thank Amy, for planting the seed for this blog and designing it so beautifully- I truly can't thank you enough, a talented blogger and a wonderful friend.

I have some new and exciting ideas and projects coming up in the next few weeks so watch this space! If you enjoy reading my posts half as much as I enjoy writing them, than that truly does mean the world to me. It may not be a huge number in the blogging world, but for a shy, 5ft girl, living in a teeny tiny town, its a pretty big deal for me.

Just one more hayoooooge thank you to all of you, and happy blogging folks!