Cult Classics

In the blog-sphere, and just girl-world in general, there seems to be two lipsticks from MAC with an almost cult following; Morange and Ruby Woo. Whilst both the colours and the formulas are very different from one another, the standard does not waver. I thought I would talk you through both of these gorgeous MAC offerings and just why my lips have been wearing nothing else since I purchased these little black bullets. So sit yourself down with a cup of tea, your purse and the MAC website open in another tab. If it's not these colors, I doubt you will be able to resist popping


in your basket! 

 I always like to prep my lips before I apply lipstick because I find that it just stays on for that bit longer and keeps my lips looking dry and crack free. For a really deep down treatment, I have been turning to 

Terry's Baume de Rose 

, and I tend to apply it last thing at night so when I wake up in the morning, my lips are softer than soft. At £38, it is 

pretty steep

 for a lip balm, but I can promise you it's worth scraping your pennies together for. For on the go moisture, I find myself reaching for the 

Reve de Miel Lip Balm

 as it is perfect handbag size and soothes lips without messing up your lipstick.  

The first one that I had my eye on for more months than I can count, is the dreamy


. I was particularly drawn to the vibrant colour, especially as orangey-reds are in such high demand right now; but, when I applied it I found out how


the formula is. It is definitely one of the best formula's I've tried, thick and creamy but with an 


colour pay off and oodles of longevity. I'm really loving this lip trend right now and I have found that it really suits my complexion and my wardrobe! 

Another cult classic I chose was the infamous 

Ruby Woo

.I'm pretty late to the game with this one as it seems to be the one red lippy that


 has in their collection.  It's a rich, deep matte blue toned red and I absolutely


it! It's been my go to lipstick for days when I want a really knock out effect with minimal effort, the iconic black bullet fits perfectly in my handbag and it really does stay on all day. 

Thank you for reading folks! Have you tried any of these products? I would love to know your thoughts in the comment box down below or on Twitter - @PhoebeeVictoria

                                                               Phoebe x